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Medical Prayojanam has its own time tested methods of teaching and coaching the students to crack the toughest exams in this country called the NEET Exam or AIIMS Entrance Exam. Coaching for these exams is rigorous and comprehensive in nature, which remain instrumental in cracking not just any simple BHMS Entrance Exam but even the tougher ones. These are further divided into three different types as per the custom needs of the students that goes as under with treading different Routes:

1). Magic Bullet Batch: Treading the Path with Newton’s Route

  • The name is enough, which speaks about the intensity of this batch, which goes this way. It is for the 10th Pass Students, exclusively designed both for the CBSE and State Board covering the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • That’s not all, it is also for the XI students as well, which comprises of Lakshya Test Series helps you to hit the bull which is carried out for 2 years to give obvious higher results.

2). Platinum Batch – Treading the Path with Raman’s Route

  • It is as precious as the metal Platinum, which is carried out treading the Raman’s route. For the 11th Pass Students you get 12th Plus NEET or AIIMS covering the PCB along with the revision of XI standard.
  • That’s not all, it is also for the XI students as well. For the XII Students, you get the Sankalp Test Series, which is covered under a one year course.

3). Eklavya Batch – Treading the Best as the name defines.

  • For the 12th Pass Students or the repeaters, you have 1 Year Eklavya Batch, while you have the option of choosing between AIIMS or NEET along with XII.
  • For the repeaters, we have in Ekalvya Batch as the Vijaybhava Test Series, which is covered for one year.

There are several features, which makes this course batch unique. You get to see a small class size, which is run for three hours (10 am to 1.00 pm) along with giving you transportation (if you need) along with the morning food as well. It comprises of 2 skilled teachers and 3 caretakers.

Magic Bullet Batch

For Xth students

Two Years Course

Platinum Batch

XIIth pass repeaters students

One Year Course

Eklavya Batch

XIIth pass repeaters students

One Year Course