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Medical Prayojanam is truly devoted education center and one of best coaching institutes for medical entrance in Nagpur and Bhopal. Right from when it was established, it always aimed to prepare students for the medical entrance exams, whether they are toppers in their school or board, or not- if the student is determined to crack the medical entrance exam, Medical Prayojanam is with him, no matter how many attempts he makes. The teachers are the best guides here who show how to prepare for NEET exam 2018 and to prepare for AIIMS exam.

The Eklavya Batch at Medical Prayojanam is for the students who have passed class 12th and want to appear in NEET and/or AIIMS exams. The one-year long Eklavya Batch is also designed for the students who are pursuing class 12. They have the option of choosing the preparation course of AIIMS or NEET, along with the syllabus of class 12.

To help you make another attempt to crack medical entrance tests, the Ekalvya Batch has the Vijaybhava Test Series, which gives a good practice of the complete the syllabus in one year. Besides, there are some unique features of this Batch. It is of a small size and runs for three hours. Students can avail transportation facility (if they need) and the morning food. With skilled teachers and caretakers, the batch is the best option for those who don’t give up after failing in their first attempt and are determined to walk on the path of success in spite of failures.

Einstein’s Route

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  • For Repeater Student.
  • Eklavya Batch.
  • Vijaybhava Test Series.
  • One Year Course.
  • For 12th pass Student’s (Medical Repeaters).
  • One Year Eklavya Batch.
  • PCB.
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Start Date: March15, 2018

Years Old: 18-20 Years

Class Size: 30

Class Duration: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Transportation: Available

Morning Foods: Included

Class Starff: 2 Teachers, 3 Caretakers