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NEET in 2017:Key Notifications for cracking your test

September 28, 2017

NEET in 2017: Key Notifications for cracking your test

The NEET exam happens to realize the dreams of countless students who are willing to become a full-time healthcare expert doctors and surgeons. And you know this exam how important it is for the medicine aspiring students who are keen to deal with the twin priorities over the coming few weeks. The students now have to focus on the forthcoming exam and check on things like how to prepare for neet exam. Though it may appear to be difficult with proper planning and be joining the medical coaching classes in Nagpur one can get rid of rid of the confusion a lot, which are given as under:

The Pre-Board exam strategy: With the start of your board exam in the March 2nd week, you have the challenging exam. So, with this, you have the idea of your strengths and weaknesses that can be fixed with the gap you have. Hence the two weeks you have becomes really very critical of you. This will help in embarking a plan to revise the complete topics with great efforts. The last time you need to give is around 9 hours each in core subjects – Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. In this, you need to spend around 4 hours on the subject Bio followed by 2.5 hours each for subjects like Chemistry and Physics. During the preparation, you should allocate around ⅔ of your time in covering the problem-solving areas, while the rest 33 percent of the efforts should be given on the theoretical area that will offer to the demands of board exam.

However, in the factual subjects including Biology, you got to focus on 40 percent of time and efforts on working on the conceptual depth and application of the ideas, while the remaining 60 percent of your efforts on theoretical portion like questions based on facts, description answers and diagram based questions.

For subjects like Chemistry, which happen to be the facts based subjects; you need to focus on half of the subjects with conceptual depth and the problem solving and application things related to the concepts. The remaining half of your efforts on the theoretical portion of the questions based on subjects like Inorganic Chemistry, conversion steps and equations from any single family group to the other in Organic Chemistry.

The Board Exam Strategy

Once you have the board exams coming, the students are supposed to shift over to learning the concept based subjects and then to the understanding based learning methods or the factual ones. So, I other words, you need to keep the question like how to prepare for AIIMS exams or NEET exams.  At this point of time, the students are seen plugging the gaps during the said exam. Put 12 hours just one day before the exam to revise the content.

Post Board exam strategy: This is the Time to nail NEET so once you complete the board exam you need to shift back your medical entrance exam. Start revising the subjects and if you are the part of any good medical coaching classes in Nagpur, you would be helped to do things right. Start solving tests on a daily basis, which you coaching classes will arrange for you. Just leave no stone unturned to get the best preparation. Good Luck.