Open hours: 8.00 to 18.00 Mon-Sat  

In pursuit of excellence, Medical Prayojanam has walked a long path along with its dedicated faculty and enthusiastic students who wish to take up a career in medicine. It stands apart and quite above the rest as a distinguished platform of education and success. With Platinum Batch, the students who are pursuing class 11th or those who have passed class 11th can exercise their skill and will and start preparing for the NEET and AIIMS. The batch is perfect for NEET Medical Entrance Exam in Nagpur, Bhopal, and AIIMS Medical Entrance Exam. The students also get the coaching for NEET and AIIMS with revision of class 11th syllabus once they pass 11th.

The Platinum Batch of Medical Prayojanam is one the best medical coaching classes in Nagpur and Bhopal, which prepares the students with great emphasis on Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Full concentration is given to completion of the whole AIIMS Entrance Exam syllabus. For the students of class 12, the Sankalp test series is specially designed to revise the one year course – the final touch towards completing the syllabus.

The Platinum Batch is supported by extremely hard-working staff which includes two teachers and three caretakers. They shoulder the responsibility of the batch with great care. Students gain confidence which marks the beginning of their success. Rigorous practice of sample questions, regular discussions, uninterrupted access to internet for Google search- all these facilities are only meant to coach the students well before they appear for the AIIMS and NEET.

Raman’s Route

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  • For XII Student.
  • Platinum Batch.
  • Sankalp Test Series.
  • 1 Year Course.
  • For 11th pass Student’s.
  • One Year Platinum Batch.
  • PCB +Revision Of XI.
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Start Date: March15, 2018

Years Old: 18-20 Years

Class Size: 30

Class Duration: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Transportation: Available

Morning Foods: Included

Class Starff: 2 Teachers, 3 Caretakers